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Vitripiazza - Vitrified Porcelain Paving


Vitripiazza is a high quality, vitrified, Italian porcelain paving. Vitripiazza offers 26 different colours across 8 beautiful ranges, with a wide selection of accessories to create the perfect finishing touches.

Benefits of Vitripiazza flagstones

Vitripiazza flagstones are a full bodied porcelain, meaning that the entirety of each flagstone is made from high quality porcelain, as opposed to cheaper vitrified ceramic tiles or alternatives that may just have a porcelain layer on the surface. Also, all of the edges are rectified, as they are machine milled to produce crisp, smooth edges, for ease of installation and to enable very neat joints / lines to be achieved. Not only do the Vitripiazza flagstones offer a varied colour blend that reflects natural products, they also provide home owners with the ultimate choice in durability, longevity and style as they are:

  • Highly durable
  • Resistant to attack from moss, mould and pesticides
  • Resistant to salt
  • Non absorbent (<0.1%)
  • Frost proof
  • Easy to clean

Bringing the outside in

The Vitripiazza range is available in 20mm thick flagstones, designed for external use. To enable you to bring the outdoors in and create a flush finish from your garden into your home, we offer most of the Vitripiazza products in 10mm thick single size floor tiles for internal use. The Anno and Moderno ranges are not available in a 10mm internal tile.

Vitripiazza Benefits

Please note: The same products that are available in both 10mm and 20mm thicknesses may vary in surface finish. The 10mm internal use tiles are slightly smoother than their 20mm thick equivalent flagstones, which are a little more textured as they are designed for external use.

Please note: All product sizes, weights and coverages stated throughout this brochure are nominal.

Vitripiazza is available in a range of product options including project packs, single sizes and circle kits.

Please note: As Vitripiazza products are produced in batches, we advise that sufficient product for each project is purchased together and from the same batch, as there may be slight colour variations between different batches. Also mixing different size formats and different pack sizes may result in colour variations, so care needs to be taken when designing and ordering these products.

Di Pietra

With 6 colours to choose from, Di Pietra presents a contemporary range inspired by nature to give a slightly textured, random, natural stone finish. In addition to project packs and single sizes, Di Pietra is also available in circle kits, see page 29 for details.

Click here to view range

Oceano provides a smooth flagstone, characterised with a random shale and fossil trace pattern. Oceano is available in a choice of 2 nautical colours, Mar Nero and Laguna.

Click here to view range

Sole has a sunkissed glow and random, natural stone travertine finish.

Click here to view range

A stunning granite effect range, in a choice of 3 colours Granito offers a natural riven effect and delicate sparkle.

Click here to view range

Moderno is a range that offers a modern, high quality yet economical product. A slightly textured city living ‘painted concrete’ look in a choice of 3 colours.

Click here to view range

The Albero range has been designed to create a natural timber feel, in a choice of 2 beautiful colour options in a plank format.

Click here to view range

The Anno range offers 6 beautiful colours each with a natural stone finish. Each product features stunning shade variations, offering a unique and distinct finish every time. Whilst still a high quality porcelain the Anno range offers an economical option for projects with a modest budget.

Click here to view range

The new Stile range offers a chic and smooth porcelain option that is available in a choice of 3 colours. This simple yet elegant flagstone creates a minimalist feel for contemporary designs.

Click here to view range

The accessories range offers everything you may need to naturally create a unique and bespoke outdoor living space, including circle kits, pieces for steps, swimming pools and edgings.

Click here to view range

Installing Vitripiazza

Please note: We recommend that Vitripiazza is only installed using Pavetuf Priming Slurry and jointed with either our Jointing Mortar or Jointing Compound. If these products are not used for Vitripiazza installation purposes, the integrity of the paved system is outside our recommend guide and will forfeit any technical support. Please click here for Pavetuf Installation Products

Please visit for further product information, laying patterns, product images and to download the Vitripiazza installation guide.

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“We had been thinking about doing our driveway and patio for a number of years. We knew it would be a big investment so we weren’t going to rush into it. Natural Paving were so helpful and provided suggestions, samples and recommended contractors. We finally decided to go ahead and have had both our patio and driveway done and the results are fantastic. We couldn’t be happier with the service and support.”

Home Owner - Dr Pathak, Leicester

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