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Pink Block Paving

For a more traditional feel, Natural Paving offer a range of block paving showcasing varying pink tones, which will add some brightness and colour to your installation.

For those who want to keep a more subdued, cooler aesthetic, opt for Forest, a selection of the Fossestone range. This shade, which although offers warmer pink tones, also has some cooler grey and greens for balance. If it’s warmth you are after, Fossestone’s Orchard is an option that showcases warm pink, buffs and browns.

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All of the Natural Paving range is:

High Quality

Ethically Sourced

Fully CE Marked

Pink Block Paving

Pink adds a splash of playful colour to your landscape, making you stand out from your neighbours. Our range of block paving featuring pink tones adds a touch of warmth to your garden and driveway space.

Visit the Natural Paving Knowledge Hub to learn more about our range.