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Natural Riven Stone Patio Paving

Natural Paving’s natural riven flagstones are ideally suited for those who are after a timeless and traditional feel in their landscape. A natural riven finish means the surface of the stone will have a natural, textured and rustic look.

Our skilled stonemasons split the stone by hand along natural beds within the stone, to give a unique riven surface to each slab. The stone is then calibrated to give a nominal, consistent thickness.

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All of the Natural Paving range is:

High Quality

Ethically Sourced

Fully CE Marked

Natural Riven Stone Paving

Natural Riven Stone Paving

The Natural Paving Classicstone range offers exquisite natural stone paving slabs with an authentic riven finish. Each flagstone within this range is distinct with varying colour palettes and differing riven surfaces.

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