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Sandstone Patio Paving

The vast majority of the Natural Paving range is Indian sandstone, which offers homeowners a beautiful and robust alternative to concrete paving.

Displaying various colours, it boasts a natural beauty that only gets better with age. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed from sediment that has settled at the bottom of a body of water or has been deposited in a desert environment, which has then been compressed over millions of years. This creates the unique colours, textures, veining and mineral contents

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All of the Natural Paving range is:

High Quality

Ethically Sourced

Fully CE Marked

Sandstone Paving

Sandstone Paving

All of our natural sandstone paving is tested to guarantee its resistance to frost, slip and water absorption, so you can be assured of long-term durability against the weather.

Here are just a few reasons why sandstone is a great building material for patios:

  • It’s affordable: Especially when compared to other natural stone costs such as slate, marble or granite. Sandstone offers a beautiful, natural landscaping product that has a low price tag.

  • Natural Beauty: Given that these are natural products, it is rare for any 2 pieces to be the same, displaying different shade variations, colour blends and unique formations.

  • Durability: All technical properties are tested to guarantee that all our stone ranges are frost-resistant and you can be assured of long-term durability against the weather.

Visit the Natural Paving Knowledge Hub to learn more about our range.