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Cream Natural Stone Paving

The Natural Paving range of cream flagstones is ideally suited for anyone looking to brighten up their outdoor space. Easily paired with many other colours, our cream stone paving works great alongside various landscape materials to create beautiful contrasts in colour and finishes.

Available in a range of stone options and finishes, the nature of this colour means it can be adapted for a wide range of uses with minimal effort, including patios and footpaths.

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All of the Natural Paving range is:

High Quality

Ethically Sourced

Fully CE Marked

Cream Natural Stone Paving

Many of our sandstone ranges are available as cream garden slabs. Some collections offer a single, consistent colour for a more contemporary look like Premiastone Ivory, whereas others provide a blend of tones, for a more traditional feel, such as Premiastone Cornsilk.

This common buff variety of stone is commonplace across gardens and landscapes throughout the country, and it’s easy to see why. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for a multitude of applications.

Visit the Natural Paving Knowledge Hub to learn more about our range.