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The Cobblestone collection from Natural Paving offers a range of versatile, charming and stylish products to accessorise any part of your garden.

Natural cobblestone paving can be used to create patios, driveways, courtyards, focal points and features and edgings, the only limitation is your imagination.

Choose from Granite Silver Setts, Weathered sandstone and limestone cobbles or our chic European Cobble option, offering a variety in colour, texture and surface finish.

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  • Durable: All technical properties are tested to guarantee that all our stone ranges are frost resistant and you can be assured of long-term durability against the weather.
  • Natural Beauty: Given that these are natural products, it's rare for any 2 pieces to be the same, displaying different shades and colour blends, adding character and personality.
  • Simple To Maintain: As with all external landscaping products, there will be some maintenance required to keep your natural stone paving looking pristine. However, our Pavetuf range offers a cleaners and sealants allowing you to protect your investment. Visit the Pavetuf Website for further information.