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Grey Cobbles

Natural Paving’s grey cobbles and setts provide 2 options for homeowners and designers. Our Pewter sandstone cobbles are the ideal product to create pathways, driveways and edges, whilst our Silver Granite Setts add a touch of elegance and sparkle, for a more luxurious feel.

Our cobbles and setts can be used in a variety of applications including paths, driveways, courtyards and bespoke focal features.

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All of the Natural Paving range is:

High Quality

Ethically Sourced

Fully CE Marked

Grey Natural Stone Cobbles

Cobblestone Pewter is a versatile sandstone product that suits all landscapes. This popular grey sandstone works well in both modern and traditional spaces, making Pewter a great option, no matter what your desired aesthetic is. For a touch of luxury, our Granite Silver Setts provide a great rustic feel and will give an impressive finish.

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