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Lakeland Fire Pit

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Be the envy of your neighbours with our stunning fire pits, which not only create beautiful focal points, but are functional allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space for longer throughout cooler seasons and are great for those social occasions that go on into the evening!

Also known as ‘Raj Green Blend’, Lakeland offers a cool colour palette of grey, brown and buff tones that will compliment any outdoor space, whether contemporary or traditional.

Our fire pits are pre-made, hand-cut and come in simple to assemble kits.

Features & Benefits

  • Practical & Stylish
  • For matching paving, see Lakeland flagstones
  • Internal Diameter: 927mm
  • External Diameter:1454mm
  • Weighs: 1060kg

Contains 59 pieces:

50 walling pieces: approximately 404 x 260 x 50mm - The top, bottom and sides are sawn, the face is chiselled.

9 coping pieces: approximately 492 x 260 x 50mm - They have a natural top, with a sawn bottom and sides, the face is chiselled.

Please note this fire pit surround should be either lined with steel or rendered with fireproof cement before use. Internally the fire cannot go right up to the stone and it is advised that either a steel insert is put round the inside of the pit with the correct amount of air space between the edge of the steel and the stone, fire bricks used in the centre to control the heat or line with a fire retardant mortar to protect the stone. Using a layer of sand and gravel at the bottom of the pit is also recommended.

We recommend you visit the Natural Paving Knowledge Hub for further information, advice and FAQs.

Colours may vary to those shown on this website, please refer to our product colour guidance for more information.

Product Specifications
Product Thickness
Nominal Weight
per pack (kg)
Nominal Coverage
per pack (m²)
Number of Pieces
per pack
Mixed Size Pack n/a 1060 n/a 59

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